Top movies for 2006

I'm not a movie buff, neither am I a movie critic. Had miss quite a few blockbusters this year, but I guess that's ok, can always catch them on HBO or just buy some DVDs.

Here's my personal top 5 movies for 2006 (in no particular order):

V for Vendetta
Love the story, love the Rebel. V is the coolest rebel ever. Evey is the epitome of the modern day independent woman who is not afraid to fight for what she believes in. Thank goodness I watched this on the plane on my way to back from UK to Malaysia, or else I would have seen Big Ben in a different light.
Who would have thought that a movie can be so tres-tres stylish? Love the clothes, the shoes, the bags!!Although, I wouldn't wanna work for a boss like Miranda, especially if it was played by Meryl Streep.

I'm a die-hard Pixar fan. I will make sure I never miss any of their animations. They are different coz their storyline comes with a message, and sometimes the message simply touches your heart.

With Cars being an animation with a different genre (racing cars instead of talking animals?), but being Pixar, they outraced the rest with great humour (especially the moo trailers), great on-screen chemistry between the characters and still drive through thier message. Brilliant.

The Host
The Host is Korea's numero uno movie of 2006. I was fortunate that I get to watch this in Malaysian cinemas, although I believe they have promoted the movie in a misleading manner. It's a mixture of action/ comedy/ thriller/ horror/ sci-fi/ drama , but from they promoted it more like an action movie.

I like this movie coz it's not really an action-action type of movie, but played with the emotions and struggles of the Park family to save their only daughter/niece from the monster. It's also different coz the monster is quite an intelligent creature, unlike those dumb ones protrayed in American movies.

The Banquet
I did a review on this movie sometime in October. Link can be found here.
I haven't watch Curse of The Golden Flower yet, so I can't make comparisons. However, even if the Curse is good, I will still put the Banquet as my favourite for 2006.


Finding Hippo said…
Check out my blog for my list of Top 5 movies (of all time, no less) while I go sulk in a corner and cry for not watching more movies in 2006.

My 2006 list shall come.