Where's the Carrot?

Met up with some friends during the weekend and chatted about many things, among them, work.

One of my friends recently joined a local telco company, so we were asking her how work is like over there.

According to her, this company gives out a lot of benefits to the staff not just in terms of allowance, but they also give out a lot of vouchers/door gifts to entice their staff to attend functions such as meetings, seminars or even the annual dinner.

This year's door gift for their annual dinner was a RM300 shopping voucher at one of the departmental stores!! They even get RM50 vouchers just to attend a particular seminar!!

Talk about great perks!!!

However, that got me thinking that this company is spoiling its staff. By encouraging this type of behavious, it will become a norm for the staff to ask the company if they do this, or attend this, what do they get in return? Reminds me of the donkey and the carrot. The staff are now becoming like donkeys, looking for a better carrot every time they need to perform a task, even though it's just walking to one side of the road to the other end.

Perhaps the company has a reason for doing so. Maybe it's a way to retain staff coz no other companies can offer such perks like this one. But I still think it's encouraging a wrong culture. Worse, these people may think it is normal and behave like this even outside of work. If that's the case, it's really sad for we are a developing country, and if there are going to be so many donkeys around, who's going to feed them if this company can no longer sustain this type of activity? (although it would be a long time more for this is a HUGE company).