Monday, January 22, 2007

Blog Diarrhea

*I am on MC today coz of food poisoning - A first since 2004!!*

I think my blog is having diarrhea.

Since year-end close, I had so much in my mind to blog about, but just didn't put my thoughts into writing yet. Yet, it's so hard if I don't blog it all out, so I've decided to put all in drafts, and will complete them bit by bit. Also, I need to control the frequency of my blogs, not wanting to blog three or four times a day.

That's the difference between you having diarrhea, and your blog having one. You can't control how many times you need to go to toilet, but with your blog, you can do so.

It's the reason why I had so many postings this month alone. And there's more to come.

Speaking about diarrhea - came across the Bristol Stool Chart on Wikipedia. I never knew such a chart exist!!!

So, if we were to have our own chart based on the frequency of blogging, there would be the below categories :

Type 1 - Separate hard lumps, like nuts. Hard to pass (Requires a lot of effort to come out with a blog post. Sometimes blood and sweat too. Usually due to laziness or writer's block.)

Type 2 - Sausage shaped but lumpy. (Something to blog about once in a while, but may look messy.)

Type 3 - Like a sausage with cracks on the surface (A blog that's almost there, maybe some spelling errors, or some phrase doesn't sound so right. Written on a regular basis)

Type 4 - Like a sausage or snake, smooth and soft (A very well written blog, nice to read, lasting impression, written on a regular basis)

Type 5 - Soft blobs with clear cut edge (Many many short blogs written in a short span of time, e.g. within a week. Nice to read, but perhaps a bit too much to digest in such a short time frame.)

Type 6 - A mushy stool (Many many blogs written in a space of two to three days. May be frequent but not necessarily has content)

Type 7 - Entirely liquid (Non-stop blogging. Many blogs in a day. Cannot control. No content, just writing for the sake of blogging)

So if I compare the frequency of my blog based on the Bristol Stool Chart, I guess I am under Type 5 now. Those who have Writer's block would probably be under Type 1.

Oh, Need to go now. I just had another topic in my head which i need to put it down somewhere.

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lilium said...

Think I am Type 1 but hope to improve to Type 3 at least..hmm... =)