Friday, January 12, 2007

Cute Full Moon Gift Set

Yesterday, one of our team managers who was on maternity emailed us that she will be bringing the full moon packages today. We noted that the time the packages will arrive was a bit odd - between 2 to 3 pm? In the past, those full moon packages usually arrive in the late morning, so we could have them for lunch.

[Probably should backtrack here : Full moon or full month celebrations are celebrated by Chinese families whose baby reaches 1 month after birth. On the baby's full month, some families host a dinner to entertain friends and relatives. Red hard-boiled eggs will be distributed too. Usually the full moon packages will have the red hard-boiled eggs, Nyonya Ang Koo, and either Ayam percik or Curry chicken with Nasi Kunyit. Companies like Uniq Food specialises in catering full moon packages.]

Back to the packages. We simple could not wait till 2pm for lunch, so some of my collegues had a heavy breakfast, hoping that by the time the full moon package arrive, they can have it for tea. Others - including yours truly - decided to bring it back for dinner.

Now, when the manager arrived, all of us rushed to congratulate her, and to find that our full moon gift package looks like this :

What's this? No food inside?

The gift box looks so cute on the outside, especially with the photo of her baby boy being made like a stamp, with value "Infinity" (which means Priceless!!)

Upon opening the gift set, I found.....this!!!

One soft toy bear, three packets of biscuits and two lollipops. There's also a postcard of baby Hao Jie (not shown in picture) and a namecard. Seems this KL company One-Joy provides this type of alternative full moon gift boxes as compared to the normal food gifts sets.

Do I like it? I think it's very cute indeed, and the box can be reused to keep other stuff. However, I pity those collegues of mine who was hoping to have something to eat. They had to go out to grab some food after that!

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