Thursday, January 11, 2007

I can see the light!!!

One more day to go, and we are officially saying SAYONARA to 2006!!!

Here are some additional statistics :

Additional cups of coffee taken : 5
Additional flu tablets taken : 1
Panadol taken : 1
Strands of hair being pulled off : I give it about one hundred.
Additional zits on face : 2 (yay!!)

And to cap off 2006, my laptop decided that TOO MUCH IS TOO MUCH, and the LCD screen KOed on WD5 itself!!! Luckily our organisation's Disaster Recovery plan actually works, and I swapped laptops with a fellow collegue who doesn't need to handle the close. Phew!

I think i have some blog backlog to clear (some topics in my head that I need to write it down). Will take some time to put my postings up again.

*Wanted to take next Monday off, but I can't due to our official kick-off event, and I need to be there to get people to vote for the next Club committee*

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