Karaoke Nights

Last night, nine of my collegues from my old team (including current and ex team members) had a gathering/ karaoke session at Neway 1 Utama.

This was my 4th Karaoke visit in my whole life so far. And the most fun session I had.

When we arrived, the ladies were all rather apprehensive to sing, leaving the two gentlemen (who are also K歌之王) to kick start the party. While we grabbed our food from the buffet area and went back to the room to eat, they had already selected a list of songs, comprising a mixture of English, Cantonese and Mandarin songs. I think they did a good job coz by the time we finished our dinner, we also begun to grab the microphones and started singing. Cannot sing also sing, don't care.

Our songs cover from the evergreen to the latest hits - Anne Murray, Beatles, Westlife, Robbie Williams, lots of Jacky Cheung, Janice, Justin Lo, Evan, Emil, Stephanie, Sammi, Kelly, Renee and so much more. There was even the theme song from Infernal Affairs 無間道 and McDull 麥兜!! Last but not least, we sang a Chinese New Year Song 财神到 since CNY is just around the corner :-)

I'd say we not only had good fun, but I also discover new songs as well as some songs I never knew the singer and song name. We are planning to have another session, but probably won't be so soon as it's quite hard to get everyone's time, not to mention Karaoke is actually an expensive hobby!!