Monday, February 05, 2007

Farm Hustle

My weekend was spent playing an online game I stumbled across while internet surfing.

It's called Farm Hustle, and it's super cute and extremely addictive (at least for me).

The challenge is to clear all boxes by finding and grouping the creatures into rows of three. The green coloured columns indicate it has not been cleared, while the white is already cleared. So far I have only been able to go to Level 4. Have to try harder......

So, anyone game?


lilium said...

What is the site name? Would like to try it out =)

n i l e e y said...

or you can click on the subject of my posting.

have fun!

lilium said...

These innocent looking creatures looks harder to clear than it is. I only managed to clear all except one and that is only at LEVEL! =(