Free Tickets to An Inconvenient Truth

In conjunction with Climate Change Week from 6 - 9 March 2007, YTL Community will be giving out free tickets to An Inconvenient Truth. Screening of this show will be on either 8 or 9 March at The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac)

The movie will also be launched in local cinemas 15 March 2007.

I wrote about this documentary some time in October 2005 (click here), and to be honest, I doubt it would ever reach Malaysian shores, judging from the crappy shows we get in the cinemas. However, upon reading today's Star newspapers, it's a consolation at least one corporation is bringing in this movie for free (for two days) and raising public awareness on this, especially all the wierd weather we had been facing for months.

I hope many people will take this opportunity to watch this drama to educate themselves and their future generation on the effects of global warming, and how we can help to stop it.

Click HERE to find out how to obtain more about Global Warming, and how to get free tickets to the public screening.


Javatia said…
hi babe. funny enough i just watched it over the CNY weekend and then you blogged about it!
Anonymous said…
Wether condition seems like to change compared to my childhood.. There is no more Absolute Cold in Korean winter..:(
n i l e e y said…
hey hey...yeah you can probably tell i am really into this documentary. what do you think about it?