Grammy recap

Am typing this while watching the 49th Grammy Awards on Star World.

The performance were generally very good. Even the country pieces were interesting (maybe coz they were paying tribute to The Eagles). Carrie Underwood just proven she's a very country person. Shakira's hips really don't lie, but the music is a bit too noisy. I would have preferred Red Hot Chilli Peppers performing "Dani California" instead of the very mild "Snow". Such a pity I missed performance by Sting and Beyonce which were shown earlier.

It's amazing to witness the Dixie Chicks' expressions as they received each of the five awards they were nominated for. From surprise, to being cocky, to laughing it off, to simply humbled. I guess they just didn't expect to win so many Grammy's that night.

I thought My Grammy Moment was a refreshing performance apart from the usual oldies vs newbies collaboration. The winner gets to perform a duet with Justin Timberlake. When the winner was announced, she looked so stunned, but she quickly recovered and gave a very professional performance with Justin.

Question 1 : Why did they present so many lifetime Grammy achievement honorees awards??? Maybe they are just worried in case those people couldn't make it in time for a Grammy Awards.

Question 2 : Why were there so many actors presenting Grammy awards this time around???Samuel L Jackson, Christina Ricci, Owen Wilson etc etc

Question 3 : What the heck is Scarlett Johansson doing on stage with Don Henley for Album of the Year, just because she's in the midst of recording an album???

I just realised Grammy's are almost as old as our country. They celebrate their 50th next year.


Javatia said…
Snow is one of my faves from RHCP. Am watching the repeat of the Grammys now. Waiting eagerly for them to perform :D