American Idol Season 6 - My Picks

Finally, the REAL competition begins!

Last week we were presentated the 12 finalists for American Idol Season 6. While I was very relieved that Antonella's FINALLY out, I can't help to wonder if any of the guys can survive the next 12 weeks or not, looking at how talented most of the girls are.

Here are who I am supporting this season :


Jordin Sparks - She may be only 17, but she certainly does not look her age. Big voice, infectious smile, bubbly personality. I like it that she haven't really gotten into the Diva act yet, and her choice of songs demostrates her flexibility to sing different genres.

Melindo Doolittle
- Shy background singer with a pleasant voice and great selection of songs so far. If only she would look more confident after singing.

I know Lakisha Jones is very good as well, but I'm a bit tired of the Diva-style singing. I also never considered Gina Glocksen to be a worthy finalist, until her powerful rendition of Evanescence's "Call Me When You're Sober" last week.


Chris Sligh - Big guy with the curly locks and very warm voice. Nothing really special about him (although he is one of the better guys), but I like his personality.

Blake Lewis - I'm totally rooting for this human beatbox. I just loved his group performance of "How Deep Is Your Love" and the surprise choice of singing Keane during the first week of the top 24. He certainly adds an interesting twist to this season's American Idol, although his vocals aren't that great.

Unfortunately there's no other guys worthy of my support. Sanjaya and Chris Richardson certainly didn't quite impress me at all.

Let's see how far these four can go......


Anonymous said…
I like the bubbley haired Chris. He have a very deep voice. And cute.. *^^*~~
Anonymous said…
I cant believe you put Chris R in the same category with the little vagina kid, Chris has a dynamic range and is capable of mixing it up from genre to genre....start listening to the shows..... your missing alot of it evidentally.