Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol - Top 11

It's the British Invasion! What invasion? I don't know all the songs!

Haley Scarmento - Flirtatious track, sexy hotpants and lotsa legs. And I simply LOVE her heels.

Chris Richardson - Wow, a ballad! That's a different side of Chris. He sounded quite nasal though.

Stephanie Edwards - A so-so performance. I got bored at one point.

Blake Lewis - He just turned a sixties hit into some really funky. Plus the sleek dance moves, he is just totally awesome.

Lakisha Jones - I like the way she sings the phrase "Diamonds are forever..." The diamonds were very distracting though.

Phil Stacey - He sang some rock song which I thought was ok, but somehow I didn't feel the vibe.

Jordin Sparks - A powerful performance. Definitely better than Lakisha. And I didn't think it was that depressing as how Simon describe it to be.

Sanjaya Malakar - What's wrong with this fella??? That's such an awful performance!!! Maybe that's why the girl is crying.

Gina Glocksen - Not as rock n roll as I expected it to be, and I think she screamed a bit. I miss her Evanescense performance.

Chris Sligh - Hey, he's mingling with the crowd. Interesting performance, although i don't it's necessary to keep holding the mike stand all the time.

Melinda Dolittle - What a way to wrap up the competition this week with her excellent performance! It's hard to believe she just said this theme is outside her comfort zone. And the little girl is crying again.

Who's going home : My guess is Stephanie Edwards or Phil Stacey.


Ewen said...

My vote is for Senjaya to go home ler.... He has no power in his voice, and a few times during the song....Hw got drowned out by the music.

n i l e e y said...

i wish Sanjaya would be sent off too, but don't think it's gonna happen coz he's got too many 'supportors'

lilium said...

I think Melinda's performance was the best. Jordin was quite ok..but somehow, that song was yeah..I would be on Simon's side..SAD!