Sunday, March 25, 2007

Close Encounter of the Football Kind

My boyfriend and I were at the Curve on Saturday night to catch a glimpse of the UEFA Champions League Trophy.

My boyfriend, being the avid football fan, was very eager to check out the trophy, nicknamed Ol' Big Ears, and even dreamt of lifting the trophy (probably that's something all football fans wish to do). Anyway, when we reached the Piazza (the open area between Cineleisure and Laundry Bar) the place was already packed with football fans and other curious people.

You gotta say to Heineken a BIG THANK YOU for bringing the trophy over to Malaysia so the guys could ogle at both the cup and the Heineken girls manning the booth.

Here's the middle section of the display area. Apart from the trophy there were also football memorabilia being displayed, as well as an extremely long foosball table at one corner. This section is the registration queue. Apparently you need to register yourself as a member of an online company. Once you obtain the pass, then only you can join the other queue for your chance to take photos with the trophy. As you can see, the queue is extremely long.

As my boyfriend isn't too keen to queue up for the registration, and he's not that crazy to take photo with the trophy as well, so we just went to the section where the trophy is displayed.

I gotta say, the trophy is enormous! It's almost half as tall as me, and the handles were so huge! While the people can't lift the trophy up, they were hugging or kissing or holding it, pretending they won the trophy. I think my boyfriend was very disgusted when a Man Utd fan started to kiss the trophy before the staff have to stop him. Yucks!

My boyfriend happily took a few photos using his camera phone and then decided to leave. I asked him if he didn't want to take a photo with the trophy, he replied that it wasn't necessary. If it was the Liverpool team, he would definitely do otherwise!

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