I Smell a Rat...

Frankly speaking, I’m very upset with the latest results from American Idol.

When I wrote about either Stephanie or Phil being booted out, it was not because they are not good at all, but I fear they don’t have enough supporters.

Unfortunately, I was proven right after all.

That sissy Sanjaya already has the votes from that dysfunctional group called Vote for the Worst. So as long as he is still around, there will be more casualties.

I always thought Haley was weak, but when she strutted in that outfit, I thought to myself: she’s going to get the guys’ votes, especially if you compare her to Lakisha (no offence, I’m just being honest). If she keeps up with the skimpy dressing, I guess she's going to be in the show unless her singing becomes intolerable.

My fear goes out to Phil and Gina, the next deemed weakest links in American Idol because their performance aren't outstanding enough.

We can't expect this season's American Idol to be a two-women showdown. Thank goodness for Jordin Sparks. Chris Sligh and Blake Lewis aren't doing enough to keep the show interesting, although I'm pretty sure they would remain in the show for a while longer.

Is there someone who can save American Idol? And I do not mean Sanjaya!!!

I can imagine Simon Cowell pleading : God help us all!!!

Help us, indeed.


Lilium said…
Sunjaya..Yeah..U ain't got me as a girl..I think his singing is lousy.