Lousy lousy week

There are bad days at work.

Then there are BAD days at work.

Make that 5 days in a row.

Yes, I can't write English. No one understands what I am talking about. I interpret questions wrongly. Thank you for the constructive criticism.

I am under fire so many times by different levels of management for things that should have been looked out for by their staff. So why am I getting all the flak?? Why I am so foolish to apologise for other people's mistakes??

Why is everyone asking me everything just because they are new? Some of them isn't within my scope!!! Yeah, i know, I am the overall focal point, but you think I'm supposed to know everything??

Why does Finance people have to be such a pain??? I work with very great bunch of folks from Finance, but there are also some of the very unreasonable one that have to scream and shout over the smallest things. Yes, we know you are a Big Shot. Why make life so miserable for everyone else?

Now I understand why nice people always finish last. They get stepped on by other people who just want to pass the buck, or just exploit a kind deed. The good Samaritan is no longer appreciated in this society anymore.

Here's hoping to a good weekend and a much better week ahead.


Javatia said…
hey babe. your english is so much better than lots of ppl i know. don't let anyone put u down. you're fab person. enjoy your weekend!
Anonymous said…
Hopely all your toublesome was vanished. Jiayou!
Lilium said…
I understand how you feel. Does it really mean we need to know everything being in our role. Hope things get better next week. Cheer up!