Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Wii-sh List

Yesterday, a few of us picked up my Uni friend PK and her boyfriend Zhao who arrived at KL from Sydney. As it was Zhao's first time in KL, we also took him for a very brief city tour before dropping by 1 Utama for shopping and lunch.

During one of our conversations in 1 Utama, Zhao mentioned they had bought the Nintendo Wii for PK's nephew and niece in Ipoh. After shopping, we went over to Link's house to try out the console.

is the latest game console by Nintendo, competing against Sony's PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360. What sets Wii apart from its competitors is its wireless remote - the Wii Remote - which can be used as a handheld pointing device, as well as detect 3D motion. This means that one can treat the Wii Remote as a bowling ball, gun, boxing gloves, tennis racket, golf club, sword...depending on what game you play. It can connect up to four remotes at one time, so if four people are playing tennis doubles, here's what they will look like :

So we tried playing the games that came with the console : Boxing, Baseball, Tennis, Golf and Bowling. At first we were not used to it, but soon it became very fun. We had to emulate the action of playing the actual sport, so if you are a spectator, it can be a funny scene. Link took on Boxing, but because she wasn't used to the remote, she kept hitting the opponent's crotch. My boyfriend tried golf, and he actually mastered it quite quickly. He ended up with a birdie (which will probably not happen in real life coz he doesn't play golf). He also played tennis with Zhao and it's really funny seeing them swinging the remote everywhere.

We took turns playing bowling. I got a few spares and Link got a few strikes! Amazing, since both of us can't bowl for nuts. Lastly we tried some shooting games which were just as fun but I totally suck at the shooting game!!! I bet it would be really fun if they can incorporate arcade games such as Time Crisis into the Wii. If so it's almost guaranteed my boyfriend will get one!

Below photo is a friendly girls vs guys shooting game. I missed out the photo opportunities while we played the other sports. This is how the future of console games should be! It would be even more fun if we are playing the games on a huge TV. One thing to take note though : You will need a lot of open space while playing games on Wii, for obvious reasons.

PK bought the Wii console for around AUD450 (approx. RM1250) and even got a GST refund, refund for it, so the total cost was about Wh of AUD540 (including the extra remote and other accessories). We checked the prices in one of the shops in 1 Utama. The console costs RM1600!!! Each of the genuine games cost RM299!!! It's so expensive!!! According to PK, the games cost around AUD50 in Sydney but I guess there will be the bootleg versions in the market soon.

Wii is really fun when there are many people around. One will probably get bored playing this one their own (unless they plan to master their virtual strokes.) Then again there aren't many choices got games at the moment, although I remember reading that Nintendo is planning to bring back their classic games back into Wii. It will certainly be on my wish list, but I probably wouldn't wanna get it right now.

I have one question though : Why the name Wii?

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