Spend, Spend, Spend


Ok, so I got my paycheck and bonus, and Isetan is on sale. What a perfect timing to unleash the shopaholic within!!!

I went to Isetan on Sunday with two objectives in mind : to look for shoes and bags only. So I came back with 2 pairs of shoes and a bag, not to mention a hole in my wallet!!!

BAG - Gorgeous Jo laptop bag from Gin & Jacqie (www.ginjacqie.com)

I read about this homegrown label on April '07 edition of Female magazine. After checking out the website, I thought I should go to Isetan to check out the bags itself, because they look really nice online.

So I ended up buying the beige version of Gorgeous Jo after comparing it to other brands and designs, which were either too expensive, or too ugly.

Why do I need a laptop bag? I guess it's part of my resolution this year to change my image a little bit. It's also as a contingency in case my laptop backpack breaks due to wear-and-tear. I love my laptop backpack, and I hope by using two bags I can extend the lifespan of my laptop backpack, as well as look different with this bag. [If all these reasons failed to convince you I need a laptop bag, then I guess I don't have a reason after all!!]

One thing I noticed when I put my laptop into this bag : it is heavy!! Note to self : Need to remove battery before bringing this bag around. Anyway,even if I do not put my laptop in, I still can use is as a normal shopping bag.

It's also strange to hear the salesgirl telling me this is an American brand, and that it won't break so easily because it's not made in China. Anyway, I do hope this bag is as durable as it looks.

SHOES - Peep toe pumps and metallic ballerina flats from Andre Valentino (www.andrevalentino.com)

Don't let the label name fool you.

Despite the Italian sounding name, I checked the website to find out it's actually a South-East Asian brand (most likely Indonesia) . However, I tried their shoes before and thought they were very comfortable. The only drawback is its price, and after countless sales in Isetan, I come to realise that this brand doesn't really have those 50% offer like other brands, so it's either take it or leave it.

I have been eyeing the peep toe pumps for quite some time. The only thing that kept me from buying them was the colour and price. They usually had crimson red and black. This time, however, there was this nude-pink colour that I had never took notice before. Surprisingly they even have my size. So I have no choice but to buy it at 10% discount. I still think it's reasonable coz it's made of leather and price is below RM200. (How much can you buy with RM200???) So I guess I finally found what I was looking for (see earlier post here)

The ballerina flats was an unexpected purchase. I was looking for a pair of nice, comfortable flats that wouldn't look too outdated. I haven't found an ideal pair, although I was checking out the pink ballerina flats from the Lewre Luxury range. It was when I sat down waiting for the salesperson to grab the peep toe pumps when I saw this pair on display. The rest is history.

I really like both my shoes as they are comfortable when I tried them on. Hopefully they would be just as comfortable when I actually wear them to go out, be it work or play.

No more shopping for now - Until the next Metrojaya sale......


Lilium said…
Shoes shoes shoes!! They are really nice and sweet looking.