The Turtle Massacre

My heart wept when I read two articles that were featured this week in The Star newspaper.

1st day : 19 crewmen of a China-registered trawler were arrested after 72 dead turtles and six live ones were recovered from the vessel.

2nd day : An international turtle-poaching group was caught, with 260 turtles recovered. Out of the 260 turtles, only 20 of them were still alive.

News link from WWF

That's like 300 over DEAD turtles in 2 days.

Sea turtles never had it easy since day one. Once they hatched and make their way to the sea, they are subject to predators such as crabs and birds, even humans. They take decades to reach maturity and start to breed, and adult turtles must live to reproduce over many years if the population is to thrive.

And then some idiot poacher had to just kill them off just to make a quick buck.

This sucks big time. I wish I could kill and stuff those poachers as how they did to those poor turtles.

Sniff. What a cruel world.