Sunday, March 04, 2007

Creative Commercial - Digi

Once in a while, there comes a great TV commercial that leaves such an impact that can actually cause a buzz within the community.

I give two thumbs up to Digi Malaysia for coming up with a simple yet effective TV commercial during this Chinese New Year season.

FYI : Digi is one of Malaysia's major telco companies. They are being associated with the colour yellow (logo colour) and the Yellow Man mascot.

The Malaysian Chinese community would most likely be able to relate to this commercial, provided they can understand the Cantonese dialect. Many times I hear people talking or joking about this commercial during CNY functions.

Storyline : A family invited a Feng Shui master over to assess which is the most prosperous corner in their house. The Feng Shui master eventually went upstairs and pointed out one section and exclaimed "Wah! Hai li tou la.Hou wong ah, hou kan yew wong ah!" (Translation : Wow! this is the place, very prosperous, very very prosperous!). At the corner stood a very frightened Yellow Man.

The pun in this commercial is the word play of the word 'wong'. In Cantonese, 'wong' can mean 'prosperous', but also mean the word 'yellow'.

So when the Feng Shui master said that the corner is very 'wong', it can be interpreted that it was due to the presence of the Yellow Man (Digi coverage), and not necessarily a prosperous corner. That's the funny element of the commercial.

Bravo Digi!!!


lilium said...

HAHAH!! I enjoyed this Ad a LOT! I will laugh everytime I see it on TV. I give a triple thumbs up for it!

chrispy0712 said...

haha the ad is creative...but stil i find the yellow man abit disgusting...eeks...