Wednesday, April 18, 2007

American Idol - Top 7

I'm so glad Haley is finally out!! At least she doesn't get the chance to perform Shania Twain as it is Country Music Theme this week......

I really don't think everyone can pull off country music, and it is very evident during this week's performance.

*Surprise, surprise - Paula is a critic! *

Phil - He should probably stick to country music as he has the look and voice to pull it off.

Jordin - I like the way she presented the song - Stand still and let everyone just drawn to your powerful vocals and beautiful lyrics.

Sanjaya - You call that fun? I don't think so. Totally awful performance and I really think his ego has gone into his head.

Lakisha - Oh no, she chose the wrong song! That doesn't sound country at all. In fact, there was some disconnect between her voice and the background music. Let's hope she will make it through this week.

Chris R - Totally nasal man. I felt like changing channels while he was singing.

Melinda - That's what I call country! The voice! The beat! The country feel! I had the sudden urge to do line dancing again.

Blake - Why does he sound more Brit than country? He looks kinda nervous as well. But I think he performance is good nevertheless.

Who's going home : Oh God, please let Sanjaya go home. Or else, Chris R may go.

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lilium said...

Yeah..Sanjaya shd go this week. His ego has gone into his head. I like Melinda's performance. Lakisha seems do be screaming a bit. Hope she gets to stay.

My final bottom 3: Sanjaya, Lakisha, Chris R