Wednesday, April 11, 2007

American Idol - Top 8

Yay, it's Latin music this week!

I love Latin music because of the funky beats and full of passion, and it's really great to have Jennifer Lopez mentoring the Top 8. They got great choices of songs too, but not all can project the emotions of Latin music.

Melinda - I think her version of 'Sway' is too mild. The Pussycat Dolls perform that song better than her.

Lakisha - Ok, she danced (and looked quite bouncy out there) and her singing is all right, but I really don't think she can do Latin songs though.

Chris - I'm beginning to like this guy, although he still have that annoying look. I can feel the 'smooth'ness when he performed the hit by Santana and Rob Thomas.

Haley - Err...was she even singing? It looked as though she's prancing around while the backup singers deliver the song. She really should join America's Next Top Model but then again, she's not thin enough.

Phil - I kinda pity him. His performance of Santana's Maria was so-so, and he went off-key somewhere in between.

Jordin - I felt it was very empty. That's probably because she can't convey the passion of the song during the performance.

Blake - "Tell me baby girl coz I need to know" Yeah baby, I feel the beat!

Sanjaya - What's with the moustache? I can't help associating his look with some French Monsieur or even Marc Anthony himself. He went off-key, but again, does it even matter now?

Who's going home : I hope it would be Haley, but I think Phil may go.


lilium said...

Think Phil is likely to go

n i l e e y said...

yay, Haley is gone...but don't think Phil's gonna stay long in this competition...