Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cinema Rant

Has anyone noticed there are so many horror movies being screened in the cinemas recently?

We have Cantonese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English, Malay, Thai etc etc.

Malaysia could certainly do well hosting the next International Horror Film Festival.

According to a past survey, the most popular movie genre in Malaysia is horror, which is why there is a surge in such movies available in the market. Heck, they seemed to have a horror movie each month, when usually we get most of them during the month of the hungry ghosts.

I am certainly not a fan of horror flicks.

Dispite seeing a couple and being scared to death by the same tactic (scary music, sudden movements, lady with long hair, boy with big eyes, mad people with chainsaws), I wonder what's left to expect in yet another horror movie.

I'm probably just ranting away because I can't find any good movies to watch recently.

Oh well, at least Spidey's coming soon!

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