Cute Massage Sticks!

Want something cute and fun, yet useful and cheap?

Get yourself one of these cute wooden massage sticks!

Almost everyone from my team has them, ranging from animals to fruits. It started when Li Li bought the strawberry massage stick last month.

Below are my tortoise and Mi Sook's happy seal massage sticks respectively.

I even got the mahjong tile version for my boyfriend. Fatt!!!

The price? RM7.95 each. My tortoise massage stick cost RM9.95 though because it is larger in size as compared to the others.

Where to get them? There's this shop called Mini Toons located at 2nd floor, 1 Utama Old wing. It is nearer to the TGV end, same row as Tower Records. You won't miss the colourful buckets of massage sticks and other cute stuff!


Lilium said…
Ohhh...they look so happy together.. =)