Hot Guys Overload : Daniel vs Dennis

I'm back to watching Korean dramas after a 'long' hiatus. Last drama was My Girl in August 2006 (not including Winter Sonata which I watched during Feb 2007 because I needed to clear my backlog).

Currently I'm watching Spring Waltz and Witch Yoo Hee. While the former is a melodrama and the latter a comedy, they share one thing in common : Hot Korean-American Model-Actors.

Introducing Daniel Henney......

......and Dennis Oh

Daniel Henney

Full Name : Daniel Phillip Henney
Date of Birth : 28 Nov 1979
Notable commercials : Olympus Camera with Jun Ji Hyun, Bean Pole with Gwyneth Paltrow
Breakthrough Drama : My Name is Kim Sam Soon
Loving him in : Spring Waltz (as Phillip)

Dennis Oh

Full Name : Dennis Joseph O'Neil
Date of Birth : 29 Aug 1981
Breakthrough Drama : Sweet Spy
Loving him in : Witch Yoo Hee (as Johnny Kruger)

photos source : soompi

I have always preferred Daniel Henney, since he first appeared in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. I just swoon every time he smiles. I haven't watch Sweet Spy before, but somehow wasn't too interested in Dennis at that time, probably due to this haircut.

However, Dennis looks so much better in Witch Yoo Hee, and to impress me further, he actually converses in Korean throughout the entire drama. Daniel, on the other hand, speaks mostly English, peppered with a little Korean and German in Spring Waltz.

They aren't really that good in their acting skills yet, but hey, I don't mind having some eye candy while watching Korean dramas!


meow said…
hi, just a randopm visitor.. ^^
btw i think daniel improved much in seducing mr. robin.. and yes the two are eye candy :D
n i l e e y said…
Hi mauwy, yeah my friend told me to watch Mr Robin as well...probably will get hold of the movie after I finish my other K-dramas!