Lost in the Ancestor's Chambers

It was a race against time.

I looked around frantically for a way out, but there seemed to be no exit in sight.

I stared at the parchment on my hand. It was an ancient map passed down from generations. It was my turn to perform this annual ritual unique only to my family.

And it looked like I'm gonna mess this up big time.

I was already in the chamber. I had done what was necessary to appease the ancestors. Now I needed to get out of the chamber, but......I could not find the exit.

Another 3 more hours before the chamber doors will be automatically shut. I could hear each second ticking away, signaling my demise if I do not get out in time. I broke out in a cold sweat as I thought about being the first person to fail this task.

Where is the exit???

I stared at the map again, trying to decipher the code, but everything seems to be blurry now.

Why must they still have this ritual? I questioned my relatives before. They do not know. However, they were to chickened out to even drop this ritual.

So probably that's the reason I'm stuck.

I gave up.

Dejected, I curled up the cold bare walls of the chambers, sobbing loudly as I know no one else could help me with this.

Suddenly, amidst my sobbing, I heard someone calling out my name.

It sounded like my late great-grandmother.

I shivered in fear. Was my time up already?

"Nileey, try again."

Try again?

"Look at the map as if it's the first time you are looking it."


My late great-grandmother can't be wrong, rite?

I took a deep breathe and looked the the map again.

Something doesn't look right.

Upon further inspection, I realised that......I had the map upside down!

No wonder I couldn't find the exit!

As soon as I turned the map around, immediately I saw the path leading towards to exit.

Time to leave - not without saying thank you to my great-grandmother for leading the way.


Yeah, I've finally figured out how to reconcile the number for my quarterly report (after being stuck for three days). Thanks boss.

I guess sometimes we need to take one step back to solve the problem.

By the way, do you like my story? I thought it's better than narrating what happened at work.