Privilege Restrooms @ Bangsar Village II

Last night my boyfriend and I parked at Bangsar Village II to meet our friends at Baskin Robbins along Telawi Street.

We were looking for the restrooms when one of the security guards pointed out that since we have the parking ticket, we are eligible to use the Privilege Restrooms on the 1st floor.

The restrooms entrance to the restrooms looks normal, but one needs to flash the parking card in front of the sensor (in blue) then only the bathroom door will open.

Those who are not aware about this privilege were seen trying to enter the restroom, but to no avail. There was a boy, who waited out the toilet door once he's seen my boyfriend going in. But as the door locked very fast, he could not enter. He waited for a while before giving up.

There's nothing special about the interior of the toilet. No fancy dressing table, pot pourri baskets, hand towels. However, it is very clean, and you have a sense of security coz it's can't be used by everyone.

Even the parking ticket looks different. Instead of those flimsy paper tickets, this is actually a piece of plastic similar to those used in offices. Those without the parking ticket needs to use the common restroom located on the 2nd floor.

This is my first time encountering such unique restroom in a shopping complex. I guess it's all part of the services provided by this shopping complex.