Saturday, April 21, 2007

Winds of Change

Within these few months, I witnessed four of my colleagues from my old (regional) team resigned from the company to pursue other opportunities or interests.

One was from the original migration team, whom I worked with for many years before she became a manager. She was one person I look up to at work. The other three subsequently joined the team in 2004.

And I know I will 'lose' one more very soon in May. She was also my mentor and close friend since the day I joined the company.

My old team, is unlike the other old regional teams, where the team members are very close knitted, even after the massive organisation restructure from region-based to function-based in 2005. Part of the reason was that some of the more senior members of the team were promoted as manager to different units, or took leave of absence, or we simply just didn't clicked well enough as compared to others.

When things get really tough in 2004, our 'new' team became more close-knitted, even though less than half of the original team maintained. I guess it's always true that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

In 2005, the re-organisation took place. Our team were split by functions, and I ended up with completely new team members. Same goes for the others. One even went to another company as a result of our company's divestment. We still keep in touch, but I guess I'm still closer to my two other collegues of six years.

This year, so many people left - including my two close friends. Sometimes I just felt very alone when I think about not having lunch with them anymore. I know i don't really go out lunch with my current team, probably due to i'm so used to have my two friends as my lunch partners.

While lunch is no problem as I can always go out with other people for lunch, I wonder who can I turn to now if I need some personal advice, or some words of wisdom, or just a shoulder to lean on, or a story to share?

These are the winds of change so sudden I never expected it to happen in the first place. How will I face it now that I am all alone?

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lilium said...

Altho' I've not been long enough in the company, with the everchanging things that are going on from the way the business's sad to see ppl leaving for personal interest or to seek greener pasture.