All About Me, Myself & I

This is probably a follow-up from my previous post and today's entry on Talitha Koum. Don't ask me why I am suddenly writing all this.

In the episode of TV series Heroes titled "Godsend", Claire Bennet asked her friend Zach to record her falling off a high platform. When he asked her why is she doing this again, she answered :

For me. So I never forget what I am, no matter what happens to me.

Listen to my story, it all begins here. It should have been in the first place.

Name : nileey
Age : Past quarter life crisis
Race : Chinese
Religion : Roman Catholic
Nationality : Malaysian
Occupation : Accountant
Lifelong ambition : Archeologist
Lifelong dream : To be able to visit famous archeological sites such as Machu Picchu. I haven't visited Greece, and would like to go back to Rome and Egypt again.

I generally listen to what is on the radio. Currently loving Mika's Life in Cartoon Motion album coz it is just so catchy (minus the crappy lyrics).

I like songs from Mika Nakashima, Utada Hikaru, Josh Groban, Il Divo, Fish Leong, Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson. Current favourites include Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake and Janice.

I also love Korean drama and Japanese anime OSTs. Favourites include Rurouni Kenshin, Laputa, Totoro, Spring Waltz, My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

I'm not so much of a movie buff, having the tendency to miss out on 'blockbuster' movies, unless it's something that I really want to watch. However, I will make sure I do not miss any movies from Pixar. So far my record is still 100%.

I avoid watching horror movies. Harrison Ford is my hero (Hans Solo, Indiana Jones). Favourite movies include My Sassy Girl, Casino, Billy Elliott.

After Spiderman 3, I plan to finish off the rest of the 'trilogies' including Shrek 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean : At World's End.

I don't really watch TV, but have made an effort to watch more shows this year. One motivation - Korean dramas and E! TV. Currently watching : American Idol, Ugly Betty, Heroes.

I like PC games with ancient civilisation theme, such as Age of Empires and Caesar 4. I have only played Final Fantasy X and X-2 on PS2 but loving it very much. In fact, my blog was based on FFX.

I love Korean and Japanese cuisine, not to mention pasta too! Once I like a particular dish, I will tend to go back for more and will not attempt to try out new stuff because I want my favourite dish.

Can't leave without : Chocolates, Kafera 3-in-1 coffee (only available in Singapore), green tea

Currently loving : Paddington House of Pancakes

Currently craving : Claypot Chicken Rice

Et Cetera
I collect tortoises (not the real one) since 1994.

In 2000, I studied in Sydney. Hoping to be able to go back to Sydney one day.

I enjoy jokes/comics with word play.

I am the GREAT procrastinator.

I really enjoy blogging. Too bad I don't have enough hits to generate enough $$$ for my blogs.

This is me, myself & I.