Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Idol Finale

It is the battle between Blake the great performer and Jordin the brilliant singer.

The crucial deciding factor was the last song "This is My Now".

It is clearly not Blake's type of song, and it was already written on his face while he was performing. He looks so dejected! By the end of tonight's performance it was very clear who would be the next American Idol winner. Even Randy and Simon emphasised this is a singing competition.

While I love both of them, I think it would be better if Jordin wins American Idol, because the winner would be bound to some kind of contract, and needs to follow how the producers want the album to be produced. If Blake is the winner, he may be restricted of his creative musical ability, whereas the producers will find Jordin easier to package and market.

If it's any consolation if Blake doesn't win, hopefully he can look up to the success of Chris Daughtry as inspiration. I am really surprised and glad he can make it to the finale.

Oh well, let's see how the result goes tomorrow.

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lilium said...

Yeah! I agree with u. It's clear who the next Idol is. As much as I like Blake, Jordin would be a better package.