American Idol - Top 6

The top 6 are rocking to the tunes of Bon Jovi this week. It would be interesting to see how ladies perform this time around.

Phil - Great performance of "Blaze of Glory", irregardless what Simon said. He certainly look more confident now.

Jordin - Oh dear, she is clearly not the rocker chick. The song sounded weird and her hair is even weirder. I hope she will have enough votes to stay next week.

Lakisha - Wow, talk about driving the message through "This ain't a Love Song". She even get to kiss Simon!!!
Blake - Yay! He did his beatbox thing again! Only that it is on rock song, but his rendition is really really cool! Blake rules!

Chris - Whoa, talk about Chris with attitude! He actually sounded good this time around.

Melinda - Melinda the rock chick? A bit hard to imagine. At least she tried her best, and looked really cute doing the rock girl thing.

Who will be the bottom two?

My guess is Chris and possibly Lakisha. Let's see how it goes tomorrow.


Lilium said…
Blake is COOL!!! I like it..hehe