Saturday, May 26, 2007

At World's End with Captain Jack

Time sure flies.

It's been almost one year since my post on PotC : Dead Man's Chest where we last saw Captain Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl being Swollon by the deadly Kraken. What happens then?

Now the puzzle is complete after watching PotC : At World's End.

While it wasn't as action-packed and funny as the previous movie, it was enjoyable nevertheless. There was more story-telling rather than action-packed fillers, and Johnny Depp reprising is role as Captain Jack is amusing as always. That is, until his father (Keith Richards) showed up for a while.

It's amazing how Kiera Knightly can fight so well even with her pants off (in one of the scenes) , and I think Orlando Bloom looks very good at the last scene, even though his acting is quite stiff.

Unfortunately, my only impression of Chow Yun-Fat is when he uttered the words :

"Welcome to Singapore!"

The last battle scene kinda reminds me of Disney's The Little Mermaid where a gigantic Ursula and Eric were engaged in battle. Oh, and be sure not to leave the cinema after the credits because there is still some story between Elizabeth and Will Turner, which I thought was so sweet...... awww...... :)

One question : What/who killed the Kraken???

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