Monday, June 25, 2007

There's a thing in my pocket

As much as I am a SE handphone user, but I am completely mesmerised by the Nokia N95 TV ad, not because of the phone, but the ad itself. I love how it starts off with "There's a thing in my pocket..." and how the visuals somewhat connect to the narrator's description of the "thing" in his pocket.

There's a thing in my pocket
It has an eye and an ear that shares what billions hear and see.

It’s not a living thing, but if you feed it it will grow.

It can find you the places so you can get lost.

And it can let others feel what you’ve just been touched by.

There's a thing in my pocket, but its not one thing, it’s many.

There's another N95 ad similar to this, but somehow I still find this ad more powerful and intriguing.

I'm not sure how much is the N95 in Malaysia, but I'm pretty sure that thing in the pocket would probably cost a bomb!

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