Friday, June 08, 2007

What a week!

What was supposed to be a normal busy month of closing the company accounts turned out to be the most havoc week I've encountered!

The people whom I usually work with to obtain certain information suddenly announced that they have moved roles, and left the new person clueless and unable to help me in my reports. I now need to request for an extended deadline.

I had to suddenly deal with a case of which I only requested for one important source of confirmation, which led to so much confusion as more and more people were roped into the issue. Thank goodness this was finally resolved today.

Someone messed up with the system setup on Wednesday which led to my colleague panicked and have to do extra work. Luckily the culprit probably didn't realised his mistake and we managed to locate him after anxiously waiting for the system to refresh to obtain his ID.

Speaking about system refresh. The main machine (or server) that supports the entire accounting function crashed on Wednesday evening, and couldn't not be fixed overnight. We ended up couldn't do anything on Thursday morning. However, this is just the calm before the storm, as I already know we will have lots to work on once system is up and there is no change to the worldwide reporting schedule. Sure enough, when the system was brought up around 4pm Thursday, we were all working like mad cows. I left office around 1a.m.

Today is just more reports to prepare, and catching up on whichever that we couldn't complete yesterday. This month we needed to use some new reports, and were scratching our heads trying to amend our own reports to fit the requirements. We were all so relieved once we located the problem and able to fix it. I'm so glad after sending out my last email to the US. Close shop for the day. I have a long list of to-dos, but that can wait next week.

Thank goodness it's Friday!!!

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