Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chocolate Indulgence

Yummy Lindt Irish Coffee bars and after dinner mints
Twinings hot chocolate and Meiji choc wafer thins
The joy a bar of Cadbury chocolate brings
These are few of my favourite things

(sung to the tune of The Sound of Music's "My Favourite Things")

There's never lack of chocolate in the office as someone will buy from their vacation, or visitors from overseas will bring them over as gifts.

This was a gift from my colleague who is based in Australia. Mini desserts!

My friend PK bought so many Lindt bars when she came back to Malaysia in March 07. I chose Irish Coffee over Champange. The taste? Simple heavenly.

I am beginning to love Lindt chocolate.

One of my colleagues bought Meiji chocolate during her business trip to Japan. I love the Meiji Chocolife series. Seems Green Tea is a popular flavour, but I still prefer good ol' plain chocolate. I bought some new flavours from Jusco 1 Utama during their Japanese food fair a couple of months back.

The Japanese take their dark chocolate very seriously. They even have how much is the dark chocolate content quantified in the wrapper.

The salesperson recommended me the one with 63% dark chocolate. There's even one with 99% dark chocolate! He likened it to be similar as drinking a cup of coffee without sugar. Err, thanks but I'll stick to 63% and absolutely loving it!

I requested Ototo-san to buy me a tin of Twinings Luxury Chocolate when he returns from Manchester. Haven't had good hot chocolate for a long time, and I had to say it tasted great!

Again, this is 65% real chocolate which I guess translates to 65% cocoa?

While I've gone mad about chocolate, might as well go overboard with a Polyvore set :)

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Anonymous said...

Can I ask where in Manchester sells Twinings Luxury Chocolate? I've been looking for it everywhere! Thanks