Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cupcake Chic

There's a new stall at The Curve's markets recently. Unlike the other stalls selling jewelry, clothing, accessories, this stall sells beautifully decorated cupcakes!

source : cupcakechic.com.my

And yes (in case you are wondering) they are edible too!

The name of the stall is called Cupcake Chic. They have a shoplot in SS2 (same row as KFC, but it is located upstairs). Their speciality (apart from cupcakes) is their 'cupcake' cake. It is actually a set of 16 cupcakes, but decorated like a birthday cake. While they only sell the cupcakes in the market, they also have pictures of cakes made for their customers. These pictures are also available on their website www.cupcakechic.com.my

After passing by their stall for so many weeks, I gave in to temptation and purchased four of those yummy looking cupcakes home. After much contemplation, I chose espresso, belgium chocolate, coffee + chocolate. Can't remember the last one.

Don't you think they are just so pretty?

These babies cost RM3 per piece, which can be quite costly if you look at the size and think of the value. The diameter of the cupcake is close to 5cm wide, while the height is about 3cm tall.

I tried the chocolate cupcake. It was really yummy and full of flavour, although a bit moist (not sure if it's due to being freshly baked). The icing was a tad too sweet though, but other than that, it was really a feast for the senses. Such a pity I couldn't have more of it because of the size. I think it makes a nice treat though.

The Cupcake Chic website has a special link on which Saturdays they will be at the market, and have different flavours each week. I can't wait to try the orange poppyseed cupcake!

Also, I may be making a reservation for their specialty cake this month. Hopefully the plan will go through and can get some photos of the cake!

Looking forward to this Saturday's markets at the Curve...... *drool*

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