Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lily Evans

Oh, woe is me, what I have done?
How could I brought you so much harm!
Beyond remorse, beyond regret,
I am better off being dead!

The minute I lay my eyes on you,
I knew I've met someone special.
Like a parched leaf yearning for the morning dew,
You were like my angel.

But oh! Who ever said we could be soul mates,
As the famous Bard once famously said,
"My only love sprung from my only hate"
Who brought us together then, was it cruel Fate?

Why you are not of my kind?
Part of a despicable race - how is that allowed?
Not that I'm not, I'm still half better than you.
But does it really matter now?

I really wanted to proof to you I am someone,
For you I so longed to impress,
But perhaps I took a wrong path that could not be undone,
And leave you with so much distress.

I really cherished our friendship, I really do.
And I'm extremely sorry for saying those words to you.
Those tears, the anguished cry - I've committed a crime!
Is there any way I can turn back time?

I guess it was already too late then,
When you married that arrogant piece of crap.
It signals the beginning of our end,
But how would I know it was I who led you into this trap!

I caused your death, A guilty sinner!
I would do anything to pay for my crime.
Alas! My punishment was no better,
I had to look after the offspring of that slime!

Tell me, Lily - Are you smiling now?
To love someone that you know I will hate.
Well you better, because I've made a vow,
And never I felt my burden carried so much weight!

Years of torture, years of humiliation,
Yet I do it all for you Lily,
Will I I ever seek your pardon?

As I lie here now, waiting for my last breath,
I thought I saw a glimmer above me.
My mission is complete, I surrender to Death.
Is that you that I see?

Sometimes I wonder what will happen,
If history could be rewritten.
But it doesn't matter now, we are in Heaven,
I will always love you, Lily Evans.

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