Moving on

It's official.

It's confirmed yesterday.

I'm moving on, moving up.

Amid the congratulatory remarks, there is a lot of pressure.

Am I happy? It's too early to say.

Perhaps I'm just too comfortable with my current job and do not want to change.

Perhaps I know I may not get monetary rewards so soon, even though people say it's more than just the money. Again, is money the real incentive here?

How do you handle people? I'm not sure.

I guess I'm just nervous. Very, very nervous.

Dear God, please help me.


Lilium said…
Don't worry..I am sure you will do fine. At least u've got the news confirmed. Not sure where I stand now? =(
Kenneth said…
dear old, old friend from a long time ago. :D

i just moved up in life too. it's scary. everyone in my team is OLDER and MORE experienced than I am, but i'm still here.

day after day.

take it one day at a time.

you will fall down. you will make mistakes.

but that's the best part. you learn and you help others learn along the way.

you've always had that in you.

chin up friend and face the world. :D
Anonymous said…
Finally you won your reward, should be given earlier!!

anyway I am hungry. haha.. Have a nice lunch~
n i l e e y said…
hey all, thanks for your encouragement. I feel better now, and decided not to think so much! Life is a learning journey, isn't it?