Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cuppacakes and more

Subsequent to my earlier post I had ordered two set of cupcakes for different people respectively from Cupcake Chic.

Everyone were excited over the cupcakes! Best of all, we don't need to go through the hassle of cutting and dividing the cake, and everyone gets an equal share of it!

I'm happy how Hoops & Yoyo cake turned out to be so cute! We couldn't stop Linus from putting his entire hand onto the far right Hoops cupcake though...

Been surfing the net and surprised to find there are actually many people offering cupcakes for sale. The Star papers even feature two sisters who were lucky enough to receive orders from the Permaisuri (Queen). Looks like it is the trend now.

Apart from Cupcake Chic ,I've found this site called Cuppacakes that seems to sell cupcakes in beautiful colours and motives. They have even supplied for functions for Coach and LV. They used to make-to-order only but recently supply to "The Apartment" at the Curve. According to the blog, each cupcake costs RM4.

I had cupcake cravings over the weekend, but I don't think the lady from Cupcake Chic will be selling them at The Curve anytime soon, now that her business is so good (I think). I went over to The Apartment and bought two of their 'premium cupcakes' - Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Orange.

My first impression of these cupcakes was their designs were simple yet stylish. Unlike Cupcake Chic's flowers and hearts, theirs was mainly simple patterns but with beautifully co-ordinated colours. The left cupcake in pink and white with chocolate stripes is Mint Chocolate Chip, while the one with chocolate icing and colourful balls is Chocolate Orange.

Next : measurement time.

I remember mentioning Cupcake Chic cupcakes are quite pricey for their size. Cuppacakes is no different. The diameter of the cupcake is about 4cm wide, while the height is about 3.5cm tall (excluding the icing). I did notice one thing though : Cuppacakes love to pile their icing up high so it wouldn't give the illustration that their premium cupcakes are not as small as they actually are.

I tried the Mint Chocolate Chip first. What a surprise! I was expecting chocolate cake with a hint of mint and filled with chocolate chips. Instead it was just plain cupcake with bits of chocolate chip, and a strong mint flavour. The texture of the cupcake was a bit too dry - I would prefer it to be a little bit moist. As for Chocolate Orange, the combination of the chocolate flavoured icing and orange flavoured cupcake was refreshing to the tastebuds. Again, my grouse was that the cupcake was a bit dry.

I like the fact that Cuppacakes does not make their icing as sweet as Cupcake Chic, but would prefer if they priced their cupcakes more reasonably. Maybe they establishing their brand, and having posh corporate clients, I guess that's what you call a premium cupcake...


Kenneth said...

thanks to your post - i'm thinking of getting some for my brother's house warming ... ;)

are they as yummy as you post them to be? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Good review. Well - our cupcakes are "customised"....and hence, not simple & "stylish". As for the icing - we're working on making it less sweet. More importantly is that we are now taste testing for a new range of cupcakes to be launched in Dec. We will have a retail store - where you can pick up cupcakes anytime at all!!!

Hope to see you there!

Joanne (Cupcake Chic)

n i l e e y said...

Hi Joanne, pleasant surprise you dropped by :)

I'm already missing your cupcakes...looking forward to the shop soon!