Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weekend shopping experience

Went shopping with Link and SV today. We chose Midvalley over 1 Utama because Link wanted to buy a cocktail dress, and Midvalley (including the Gardens) should have a wider selection compared to 1 Utama.

To be honest, I haven't been to Midvalley for a long time now, but knowing today is a public holiday we need to leave early before we get caught in the horrible traffic jam. We actually arrived there around 10:15 am and there's already so many people going in! Talk about being an efficient Malaysian (or as some may say, kiasu).

We started off in one of the shops on the Ground floor. Although they sell evening gowns, the price tag was like RM500 and above. Thanks but no thanks.

Then we went up to 1st floor to one of the shops nearer to Tower Records. I didn't like the sales people there. They were very pushy (you want A but they give you A and B, even though you didn't like B), rude (although in front of customers they were polite, but right after the customer leaves the shop empty-handed, they openly bitch about the customer) and dishonest (Link and SV tried some dresses that clearly didn't fit them, but the sales promoters insist that it is best fit, and provided so many excuses why it looked like that). It was a relief for all of us when we left the shop. We later went to another shop nearer to Eclipse. Half and hour later, Link got what she wanted and we headed off for lunch and to The Gardens.

As we progress our shopping, the crowd became gradually massive and at a certain point of time, it was so bad I actually felt claustrophobic! We had to literally nudge our way to get past the crowd. Sometimes there's just a huge bunch of people chatting in the main walkway, and everyone else had to make their way around them. Sometimes there were people who could not make up their mind where to go, and when they suddenly changed direction, bumped into us. I was beginning to feel very stressed out and shared my feelings with Link and SV. Apparently they felt the same way too! Looks like we are getting old now......

The Gardens had a very classy interior (feels a bit like in Singapore) but many shops weren't opened yet. Robinson wasn't as big as I imagined it to be, although they have some really lovely (and pricey) shoes and bags. Isetan was closed. Nothing much to shop about as the other shops are all targetted for the high-end middle class folks. Oh, and there was massive human traffic at the entrance just because there were some free yoga demonstration. Gee, you haven't seem people doing yoga before??? We left Midvalley around 3:30pm.

I wasn't in a shopping mode, which was a good thing. However, myself and SV still ended up buying something from Midvalley, no thanks to Link! We each bought a pair of pants in Dorothy Perkins, SV got a pair of shoes in Nose, I bought concealer from M.A.C.

I don't think I'll be going back to Midvalley for now, mainly most of the shops in The Gardens is not opened yet, and it is still too packed with people as everyone likes to visit a new shopping mall. Maybe I will go back there again during Christmas where things would have been more settled down as compared to now. Looks like my shopping sanctuary will still be 1 Utama and The Curve....

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