Sunday, November 04, 2007

Keep it Short

How short is a short story?

16 words, to be precised.

Today's Starmag featured an article of The Short Short Story competition, and I was clearly blown away by the winners' composition.

'Quickly, mop up the blood and hide the bodies' the madman in the mirror told me.
~ Dann Toh ~
Ototo-san wasn't impressed though. "How boring! How much could you write with sixteen words" He scoffed.

But that is the real challenge - how do you write a story with sixteen words? That's even more challenging than the rumusan during SPM exam days.

Eyeliner. Rouge. Lipstick. Mascara. Checks reflection. I'm a beautiful boy. Why does mummy hate me?
~ Leroy Luar ~
To me this is a form of creative expression as well as effective story-telling. Few words were used, but each of these words powerful. Some even led you to imagine what will happen next.

'So, you are dating him now?' The envious hairdresser said, approaching, scissors gleaming in the light.
~ Liyana Yusof ~
The winners here are authors, journalists, copywriters. Sometimes I wondered why didn't I enrolled in mass communication in the first place. Again, do I need to be a mass communication student to win this? I'm not sure.

How was the husband poisoned? The inspector questioned the wife. Before answering, she served him coffee.
~ Saras Manickam ~

It's really interesting to see the results of the competition. Each winner has their own style, their own story, their own character, their own plot.

Below is my favourite :)

The day I get up and walk again is the day you'd better run like hell.
~ Georgette Tan ~

It was a very interesting insight on how effective story-telling can be. I can't imagine what I can write with 16 words, here are my first thoughts :

Tears in her eyes. Vodka on her left hand, a cleaver on her right. Cold sweat.

~ Nileey ~

Will I win? I really don't know as the competition has already ended :)

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Her hair dancing in the wind, her gaze fixed at the horizon. There the sun bleeds.