Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Introspective

As I close the chapter Year 2007 of my life, I pondered over what has happened over the past year.

And what a year 2007 was.

The first half of the year was really nothing to shout about - Work, play, eat, sleep, blog - with the exception of having Ototo-san returning from the UK, only to land himself in a project based in Miri. So basically it's still the three of us at home most of the time.

Then in August, I went on a trip with my friends to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and had a great time there! Subsequently I went to Jiuzhaigou with my family in October and had the chance to see one of Mother Nature's wonders with my own eyes. And then I came back wishing for more holidays......those folks in Discovery Travel and Living must have the best jobs in the world!

Ah Ma came and stayed with us in September, and caused chaos in my life because she kept complaining why i worked till so late. So many times I had to bring back my work at night so at least she wouldn't worry so much. I was contemplating to buy her some DVDs to keep her entertained because we don't have a garden for her to work on, but before I can do that, she went back to Johor. It was nice having her here in the house, but I wish we had more to offer her instead of having her watch TV day and night. I think she's quite happy here too because she can go to church daily with Oka-san.

Work-wise, it was downhill all the way ever since my promotion mid this year. Having to handle different types of staff, workload issues, manage expectations, re-organisation, planning, resignation, hiring, etc etc. Many times I felt so down and demotivated, and by the time I overcome my feelings, time had been wasted. In fact, I am feeling very down and frustrated while I write this because of work-related matters (again). The plus side was that my staff thinks i'm doing fine, and am a nice boss. However, not sure how that translates back to my own work/life balance I being too nice?

I also 'lost' many old friends in my company - Some whom I have worked with since Day 1, some whom I have trained, some whom I met while in the 2006 Club Committee. I also know a few more who will leave in 2008 but that's a separate story altogether. It's a matter of moving on with your life when you lost all your previous friends and lunch-kakis, but I sometimes struggle to even go out lunch with my 'new gang' because i was just too busy (especially the past week). Am looking forward to a good lunch session with them again soon becase it's really been awhile...

Of all the ups and downs, the one highlight of my life in 2007 took place on my birthday. While my birthday this year was certainly not something I want to remember due to a series of unfortunate events, I was pleasantly surprised to receive cute Jibbitz from Li Li, flowers from my dear, a huge cake from my team, card from my parents...

However, the biggest surprise was this :

I'm finally getting married!

And yeah, that is really my ring :)

Here's to a good 2008 ahead!



Javatia said...

omg you're getting married! congratulations! wootz. i guess i should be more diligent in reading ur blog! hehehe. very happy for you. it's been quite a year! wishing you and yours all the best in 2008! hugs,jam.

lilium said...

OMG!!! CONGRATSS!!! As I read your blog, I couldn't help shouting to myself. Ppl in office must be thinking I am crazy. HAPPY for u!! Ahh...must catch up and hear the stories.

Mei-Yee said...

was reading your post..sounded so down..and then're getting married! haha. congrats yee lin! happy for you^^
wish u a wonderful new year, new beginning, new life with your dear. :)

Min Min said...



We really need to catch up so desperately!!


When is the special day??

Purple Chopstick~ said...

Congrats!! Lovely ring..

lemmonsea said...

Good to hear it! Congratulation~
From last December, keep tiring, struggling, thinking too much.. so no spare to think around.. So sorry .. Looks like I am very late bird to catch up your Grate news! And let me know when you are free to go out for lunch