Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas at Grandma's

Usually we celebrate Christmas in KL every year. This year, upon special request from my grandmother, we went back to Johor to celebrate Christmas with her, since we will be going to Penang for CNY celebrations next year.

It's been a long time since we celebrated Christmas in Johor. There weren't any Christmas decorations at my grandma's house. However, my aunt cooked up a storm, and we ended up feasting for the past few days there - roast duck, fried chicken, spicy pork, ginger wine chicken - can't name them all!

We attended church mass on Christmas Eve. The children came up with an interesting nativity play (in which I had never seen one since a long time ago), as well as Christmas carolling. Of all the carollers, I was most amused with the little girl in blue on the front row. She wasn't even singing, but was looking around most of the time. The only time she sang was the 'Fa la la la la' during Deck the Halls! So funny!

Christmas time was spent visiting my relatives around the town. Later that evening we dropped by the local Pasar Malam to see what they have in store. I ended up buying some pens, a pair of shorts and some DVDs. Talk about bad shopping habit!

We ended Christmas night with some home-made steamed buns made from my grandma, of which I helped out too! My aunt also bought some tau-foo fah from the Pasar Malam to complement the buns. Yummy!

It was a great gathering back home, and most importantly, I'm glad we all made my grandmother's day as she was so happy to see us all for Christmas :)

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