Monday, December 17, 2007

I Love School, I Love Polyvore!

I was feeling very agitated this morning coz I still had to work despite being on leave. After answering to some emails my mood became very bad. I had to stop this.

Checked Polyvore only to find out that I won the Polyvore Forum's Fashionista Contest with the theme "I Love School". Although no prizes given out, I am very happy that my set was chosen among so many good ones, some created by the more well-known Polyvore members.

Thank you for all your votes and making my day!

The winning set (*beams proudly*)


lilium said...

Lovely!! Exactly my type. Speaking of the top, I had abt 4 tops this style =)

~*FABULOUS*~ said...

Oh really cute! I saw this on the forum and I was like "WOW!", so I went to your set and left a comment and faved it...this is great!