Sunday, December 02, 2007

Kitaro Love & Peace Tour

Went to watch Kitaro's Love & Peace Tour concert at Genting last night, courtesy of my bf's family. My bf and his dad are great fans of Kitaro, whereas for me, the only song I know is 'Matsuri'.

I'm not much a fan of New Age music. Even if I do listen, it is more likely Yanni compared to Kitaro. Yet I was mesmerised by the 2-hour performance by the maestro and his five-band entourage.

Even if you do not observe the concert, just close your eyes and you can already feel the intensity of the performance. Kitaro may look like a lunatic, waving his hand as he played various instruments, but if you observe closely you will realise he had already immersed himself into the music. My respect goes out to the violinist, guitarist and percussionist as they performed very well along with Kitaro.

Out of the many tunes, I identified another track, but do not know its name. My heart skipped a beat everytime he played the drums, hoping that it will be Matsuri. Towards the end, I was not disappointed. It looks like that was the most famous song of all, as it received the loudest applause.

It could have been better if not for the people sitting behind me who were constantly talking, even though they sounded like they were whispering. If you wanna talk, do it after the concert.

I was surprised to meet two of my colleagues as well as one of the girls from the jiuzhaigou tour. Oka-san told me my 2nd uncle went to the concert as well. Looks like Kitaro is really popular here!

It was an enjoyable concert, but I guess I would have appreciated his music more if I was a fan. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed Yanni will perform in Malaysia again one day (missed his PWTC concert back in 1995/96).

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I find his music very nice. I give my full respect to that man. So geng! LOL

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saw more photos at