Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yummy Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas is just round the corner, and I was very glad my favourite cupcake stall Cupcake Chic is back at the Curve selling Christmas cupcakes!

While the cupcakes look really simple, the owner Joanne convinced me 'they taste absolutely heavenly now'.

I bought a box comprising two 'Back-to-Basic' (vanilla) and four 'Fatal Attraction' (Belgium chocolate).

My first impression was that the cupcakes looked bigger. After the measurement check, it is confirmed they are slightly bigger in terms of height while the length remains the same.

I took the chocolate cupcake as I'm not a fan of vanilla.

How about the taste?

Joanne was absolutely right. It tasted absolutely heavenly.

The cake wasn't as sweet as before, and when eaten together with the chocolate icing, it was really scrumptious.


Oka-san quickly scraped off the icing from the cupcake out of habit, but I told her she needs take both icing and cake to enjoy the cupcake. I ended up getting a lecture from her for being such a sweet tooth! Oh well.

I thought I gave my team a Christmas treat by buying some cupcakes from the stall. What I didn't know was that they actually bought me a box of cupcakes from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! So sweet of them!

Check out the eye-candy :)

While they looked really pretty, most of the topping were icing sugar and various candy. After tasting their cupcakes, I still prefer the ones from Cupcake Chic :)

My team loved the cupcakes from both Coffee Bean and Cupcake Chic. The chocolate ones Fatal Attraction were snapped up immediately!

What a sweet Christmas treat this year, but looks like I need to hit the gym more often now...

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