Monday, January 21, 2008

Chengdu Autumn Fashion

It's interesting to know that ChengDu is enjoying an income level that is as high as that of a moderate developed country. According to the international practice, a city with the breakthrough of 3000 dollars per capita GDP shows the sign that this city has passed the stage of low income and is well on its way to a new starting point of moderate developed country [source : ChengDu Foreign Investors]. Not surprisingly the ChengDu folk are high spenders as well, as evident in the huge shopping complexes and foreign luxury brands that surrounds the city centre.

What captivated me was the fashion around ChengDu. As it was autumn, here I was - bundled with my coat, jeans, and socks and sport shoes - shivering when the chill breeze blew past me.

The ladies around the street were wearing mid-length shorts, paired with knee lenght boots. The tops are mostly knit weat with a casual jacket. Perhaps they were already so accustomised with the weather hence they can go out like that.

According to our tour guide, a young lass in her early twenties, it has been ChengDu's autumn fashion staple for the past two years. Somehow it worked for them, and for me too.

Inspired by what I saw, I came up with a couple of Polyvore sets on ChengDu autumn fashion. I wished I can wear such an outfit here, but I'd probably wilt under the intense heat in KL!

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