Sunday, January 20, 2008

China Trip - What else I did (in a nutshell)

Apart from Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, I thought I'd cover what I did when I was in the other locations during my China trip. I realised my memory has gone rather vague so it is also good to put this down so I won't forget in future.

Leshan 乐山

Visited The Leshan Giant Budhha 乐山大佛 by boat. This is another established Unesco World Heritage site since 1996.

The image of the Buddha is two-fold. One is the 71-meters sitting Buddha itself. The second image - when seen from the river - the mountain range in which the Leshan Giant Buddha is located is thought to be shaped like a slumbering Buddha, with the Leshan Giant Buddha as its heart. Hence the local saying 山是一尊佛,佛是一座山 - “The mountain is a Buddha and the Buddha is a mountain".

We could not take photos of the reclining Buddha due to foggy weather.

Dujiangyan 都江堰

Learnt more about one of the oldest irrigation system (built 2000 years ago) that still worked! It was really amazing how the structure works with the minimum human interference and leveraging on the best of Mother Nature's principles. Refer to wikipedia link here for more details on its mechanics.

Unfortunately, many others found the souvenir shop more captivating...

Emei Shan 峨嵋山

Was in awe by the autumn scenic view halfway through Emei Shan.

Was even amazed at the huge statue of Buddha erected on this scared Buddhist mountain. It is so huge it can still be seen even from Jinding 金顶 Temple.

Observed the rituals of offering up giant incense sticks to Buddha, especially from the Eurasian blonde lady, who seemed to know the procedures quite well.

Chengdu 成都

Watched a good performance on 'face changing' 变脸, at the same time observed a professional ear-digger at work.

Visited the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base and finally caught a glimpse of the Giant Panda, as well as its lesser known (but cuter) cousin, the Red Panda.


Had Sichuan 麻辣 buffet steamboat during the night (even though I was sick), and a free bun from a local in the morning (just because I was taking photographs of the stall!)

Admired the beautiful city view during the day and night. There's nothing else to do in Chongqing anyway because we weren't allowed to visit other locations dispite our flight was delayed by almost one day...

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