Friday, January 11, 2008

Rumour Mongers

There's another round of organisational restructuring just around the corner and I'm part of the restructuring as well.

You see, I have resigned.


It's just one of the many stupid rumours circulating in office recently. When a few of my colleagues came to me asking whether I have resigned or not, that really took me by surprise. Sometimes I just tell them "Izzit? How come I don't even know I resigned"

Later the rumours stopped, but today all sorts of rumours were there - my boss resigned la, some senior manager resigned la, don't know who's leaving and who's promoted la, etc etc...

One word of advice to whoever is spreading the rumours : KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. I'm already sad if the morale of the team is bad due to all these changes, but we don't know need to have more rumours to bring the whole department down!


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