Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wedding Bells, Wedding Blues

I'm almost done wrapping up my company's year-end closing, and i'm glad being able to blog again.

Subsequent to THE proposal, it's amazing both of us haven't got anything done, other than enrolled in the EE course. I was anxious as I admit it is rather long procedure having to get married the Catholic way, and i guess it didn't help if he's having trouble understanding all this. Praying hard we get enrolled in the May session.

Then we decided that we needed to find a home. The rest of December was spent scouting around for our abode, of which till now we could not find any.

When I came back from Johor after Christmas I was very tied down with the year-end close, so the research was put to a stop immediately.

Now I found out i have two more friends engaged, and one already determined and booked their wedding venue. The other is still searching, but what I heard from them, we don't have much choice left. Even two of my younger cousins are getting married, of which one of them in November. This leaves us with very few year-end dates to choose from.

Looking back, I think perhaps we shouldn't have spent so much time looking for a house, rather concentrate on the wedding venue itself. Now I am stranded without a venue, and nothing else planned!

For the next two weeks, the situation won't improve as well as either one of us will not be around during the weekend. Looks like we both have to manage the best we can with limited time and get ourselves a wedding venue irregardless.

Oh woe, the stress of wedding preparation has begun!

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lilium said...

Yea..I agree that you shd focus more on looking for a wedding venue and booking the church first. Must be KIASU..otherwise, you'll be left with not much option.