Monday, February 11, 2008

Are you sure it's the Grammy's

Watching (or listening) to the Grammy's this year is a good as watching some Live Aid concert, only better.

So many performances, so many collaborations. And they can pull it off even without a host. (eat this to those writers on strike). I bet this is where the problem lies for the Oscars - it is an ACTING award, not MUSIC. Unless they will have people playing the full movie theme from each nominated OST. People will probably be bored to death. Hah.

I love Alicia Key's performance of 'No One'. Amy Winehouse's rendition of 'Rehab' is surprisingly good. I think the singer is part of the so-called media hype or buzz (depending on one's opinion) that get people to watch the Grammy's. Then there's the really strange collaborations : Beyonce and Tina Turner, Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli, Fergie and John Legend etc etc.

I think I come to a point whereby I'm no longer obsessed with who wins what in the Grammy's. So long there's no Britney Spears in it I guess I'm fine :)

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