Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Spring Cleaning Journal #5

When I was young, I had a fascination with paper. This is evident with the newspaper cuttings I kept for so many years. Here are other types of my passion with paper.


I have a huge collection of bookmarks which I kept in a box. My collection dated as far back as kindergarden days.

I even made bookmarks, some for my own, some as gifts for my friends. Below are some of which I made and kept for my own collection.

Autograph Book

This autograph book contains memories during my year in Standard Six. As this was the final year before we move on to different high schools, it contained 'words of wisdom' from all my classmates from 6D.

As you can see, some of them write down their house phone numbers (no such thing called handphones back then), show off their artistic talents, and even take opportunity to swear, even it is by means of %@)*&%@$.

Sticker Book

This is one of my most prized belongings from my childhood days. I received this as a birthday gift from my classmate during Standard 1, and it took my 5 years to fill up the entire book. I still remember the excitement when I managed to complete my collection in Standard 6.

I remember arranging the layout countless times before settling for the final version, and that basically stuck until now. Sometimes it's so hard to decide which stickers I like best.

Cards and Letters

I have a shoebox filled with greeting cards and letters from my family and friends. Sometimes I will take out the box, sort out the cards and read the messages and wishes from the people I love.

Who else gets postal mail nowadays? It feels very vintage right now :)

I have transferred this from the shoebox to a plastic box, hopefully it will last for many more years to come :)


HN said...

I collected most of the 'treasure' that you have shown in the pictures too! Those are priceless for me, I kept in my house in M'sia ...

lilium said...

Autographs were really popular during our time. Wonder if the kids these days do still have them..hmmm